TABLUM.IO is Listed in the Official ClickHouse Documentation

TABLUM.IO provides powerful SQL Console capabilities and the best tabular visualization of query results. It can be used as a query console to obtain data from ClickHouse, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

We are now listed in the official ClickHouse documentation under “Partner Integrations”.

Once data is ingested by TABLUM.IO, it becomes a ClickHouse table. All the normalization, type recognition, data structuring, etc. is done automatically. In short, everything is turned into a ClickHouse table with TABLUM.IO!

TABLUM.IO is the most efficient way to turn any piece of data into a SQL database. It also provides a powerful SQL console for working with various databases, including ClickHouse.
ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented DBMS for online analytical processing that allows users to generate analytical reports using SQL queries in real-time.
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