We Are Thrilled to Announce That TABLUM.IO Is Now Live on Product Hunt!

Today is a really special day for our team as we are finally launching TABLUM.IO on Product Hunt! 🚀

It's been almost a year since we took our first steps in developing a data prep tool that would help data professionals reduce the time spent on data preparation tasks.

Today, TABLUM.IO helps data professionals quickly transform any data file, such as CSV, Excel, JSON, or XML, into analysis-ready SQL tables with just a few clicks. It's incredibly flexible and can fetch data from an API (RESTful, SOAP), load data over HTTP, and parse, cleanse, and normalize data regardless of its source. TABLUM.IO will even recognize the content of columns, generate the corresponding SQL schema automatically, and load the results into an internal relational database powered by ClickHouse.

Once your data is loaded into TABLUM.IO, you can explore, visualize, or query it using any third-party data analytics and business intelligence tool via a standard database connector. Or, you can explore and transform it with a powerful SQL console right within TABLUM.IO UI.

Join us on Product Hunt today and share your thoughts on our product!

Thank you for your support! ❤️
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