TABLUM.IO in Web Summit, Lisbon

TABLUM.IO took part in Web Summit, which was held at the beginning of November 2022 in the city of Lisbon.

Web Summit attracted over 71,000 tech enthusiasts from 160 countries!

At Web Summit, our team got to meet amazing data-driven folks, founders, and startups from all over the world and expand our professional network with like-minded people.

At our booth, we demonstrated how our SaaS solution can help with data-preparation tasks, turning raw unstructured data from multiple sources into SQL-datasets ready for ad-hoc analysis.

Let's see how the Web Summit 2022 went for us! We were very impressed with the level of innovation and technology presented at the event. The panels were informative and the networking opportunities were top notch. Our team is looking forward to seeing what the next Web Summit brings!
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