TABLUM.IO Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there! At TABLUM.IO, we've been receiving lots of questions from data professionals about our SaaS. We understand that you may have some questions too, so we decided to put together this post to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we've received. Whether you're a data engineer or data analyst, we hope that this post will provide some clarity about how TABLUM.IO can help you streamline your data preparation process and focus on analyzing your data.

Who can benefit from using TABLUM.IO?

TABLUM.IO can be beneficial to anyone who works with data, regardless of their technical background or level of expertise. Specifically, it can be useful for data analysts, business intelligence professionals, data scientists, researchers, and anyone who needs to clean and prepare data for analysis. Additionally, it can be helpful for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup founders who need to make data-driven decisions but may not have a dedicated data team. TABLUM.IO can save time and increase productivity for anyone who wants to streamline their data preparation process and focus on analyzing data.

What advantages does TABLUM.IO offer compared to using custom Python scripts for data preparation tasks?

While Python scripts can be useful for data analysis, not all data engineers have a strong background in programming and may find it time-consuming to create scripts from scratch. TABLUM.IO is a specialized data preparation tool that can automate and streamline many data engineering tasks, saving time and improving efficiency in the data preparation process.

Unlike writing code, TABLUM.IO requires no coding skills, making it an ideal solution for data engineers and analysts without programming experience. TABLUM.IO is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for non-technical users, allowing for a more efficient data ingestion process.

How does TABLUM.IO differ from other low-code ETL tools in terms of file-loading operations?

TABLUM.IO is designed to simplify and streamline the data ingestion process, with a focus on files, custom API responses, and feeds. Unlike other tools, it requires minimal to no coding for most cases and is especially effective for raw unstructured datasets.

What sets TABLUM.IO apart from other low-code ETL tools in terms of data schema detection?

Competing ETL tools often have the disadvantage of being excessive for many data engineering tasks related to files, API responses, and feeds. Additionally, installing, configuring, and maintaining these solutions can be time-consuming and require significant effort. Furthermore, if there is heterogeneous source data, it may take considerable time to reconfigure and adjust the solution to new inputs.

With TABLUM.IO, there is no need to go through the hassle of installing, configuring, and maintaining the solution. TABLUM.IO can be used out of the box with ease. Schema detection is a strong suit of TABLUM.IO, making it easier and faster to ingest data. TABLUM.IO is a user-friendly and efficient tool for data engineers and analysts to prepare and transform their data.

Can TABLUM.IO handle nested structures found in JSON and XML datasets?

Yes, TABLUM.IO can handle nested structures from JSON and XML datasets. It automatically selects the most suitable root node (or the user can specify the root node via node selector) and then flattens the nested structure up to the 3rd level into separate columns, creating a single SQL table. During the import, the user can also specify which columns to keep and which ones to remove. The resulting dataset will be stored as a SQL table. For more detailed information, please refer to this post.

Does TABLUM.IO support importing data from Google Sheets?

TABLUM.IO supports Google Sheets as a data source and provides a universal connector that can be configured with a specific Google account to access all Google Sheet documents. Once the connector is configured, you can easily and securely import Google Sheets documents from your Google account into TABLUM.IO with just a few clicks. For more detailed instructions on how to set up and use the Google Sheets connector in TABLUM.IO, please refer to this post.
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